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Texas and New Mexico Automobile Accidents – 18-Wheeler and Commercial Vehicle Accidents Included


We Help Those Who've Suffered from Motor Vehicle Accidents In Texas and New Mexico. 

Individuals who engage in negligent driving habits (i.e. drunk driving, texting while on the road, not paying attention to what they are doing) put you and the people that you care about in danger. If you or a loved one have suffered from said negligent drivers, then you may have the right to compensation.

We fight for the victims of automobile accidents. Dealing with insurance companies can be painful, but due to years of experience, Bieganowski Law Group has developed an aggressive plan of action for getting you fairly compensated—even if it means presenting your case in front of a Judge and Jury.

Texas and New Mexico Drunk Driving Accident Attorney


Unfortunately, drunk driving is an issue that surfaces while driving on the road. Individuals who drive under the influence of alcohol present a danger to innocent motorists and pedestrians. It is vital that you and your loved ones are compensated properly under the laws that were violated by a drunk driver, regardless of whether or not they were convicted of Driving While Under the Influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

18-Wheeler and Commercial Vehicle Accidents


Large-scale 18-wheeler accidents present a significant threat to drivers due to their immense size and limited maneuverability. If you or a cherished family member has suffered severe injuries or loss of life in a collision involving a semi-truck or commercial vehicle, Bieganowski Law Group is here to guide you through the process of seeking compensation.


Mounting medical expenses and the inability to work can create an overwhelming situation. Unfortunately, insurance companies often capitalize on this vulnerability to minimize settlements. Allow Bieganowski Law Group to stand up for your rights and fight on your behalf in the event of ANY type of motor vehicle accident.

To learn more about how our law firm can assist you, please utilize the information on our Contact Us page or call us at 915-264-1800 for a FREE consultation.

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