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Wrongful Death in Texas and New Mexico

There are no words that come close to filling the void that is created by the death of a loved one. Here at Bieganowski Law Group we wish we could fix all external and internal wounds, but we will work to get you and your family fairly compensated.

Insurance companies and their attorneys work to compensate you (the family) with the least amount possible. It is imperative that you contact Bieganowski Law Group when it comes to the Wrongful death of a loved one or someone that you know.

There are a variety of wrongful death claims that are categorized with the following types of accidents:

There is a lot of weight that comes from losing a loved one. Emotional weight is the immediate response and unfortunately financial weight follows after. You deserve just compensation for the mental anguish of losing your loved ones company and companionship, loss of their future income and hospital and medical costs from the accident,.

Plan For Bieganowski Law Group To Represent And Fight For You

Time is of the essence, so the sooner you consult with us, the better. Please utilize our Contact Page or call us at 915-264-1800 for a free consultation. You deserve the most compensation possible. Victor Bieganowski is licensed in Texas and handles Texas cases and Joshua Bieganowski is licensed in New Mexico and handles New Mexico cases.


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