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Texas and New Mexico Injuries On A Construction Site

No matter what precautions are taken to prevent injuries on a construction site, they are still very common. 

Again, wherever injuries are sustained- insurance companies are prepared to do and give as little as possible. They may send an adjuster to see you before appropriate for you to sign off on a release of liability waiver, which will prevent you from being able to sue, for the minimal amount of money.

Below is a list of common construction site injuries that are sustained by workers:

  • Neck, back, and spine injuries

  • Fractured, splintered, and broken bones

  • Spinal Cord injuries

  • Head injuries

  • Burn, cuts, or even death from exploding gas and chemical tanks (or other explosive materials)

  • Amputation and/or mutilation from power saws with a defective guard, removal of safety equipment, or stamping-type machinery

  • Injury of death from electrocution

  • Injuries or death while driving or operating machinery for your employer


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